Author Jay Strack Named Speaker at the “History of the Future” 160th Annual Commencement Service at Louisiana College

Motivational speaker Jay Strack was this spring’s commencement speaker for Louisiana College, and he took the stage on May 7th in Pineville, Louisiana. The main theme of his talk was “The History of the Future”, and he spoke some powerful words that are sure to resonate with the freshly former students of the college. The ceremony and speech began at 10 a.m., and everyone who attended was required to have a ticket because of the fact it was going to be such a full house. Strack is a popular speaker and has fans all over the world, including celebrities, so there is no doubt that he was a major draw to the graduation.

Strack has spent the last four decades as a professional dynamic speaker, and he is also a published author and ordained minister that currently resides in Florida. He is the founder of Student Leadership University which has served over 160,000 students in various cities around the country, and has written 38 extremely inspirational books that have helped people get out of their ruts. So far, Strack has traveled to 30 countries around the world to speak to over 15 million people in prestigious landmarks such as the Super Dome, Georgia Dome, and Olympic Village Stadium.

The motivational speaker was this year’s spring graduation talker at the Louisiana College located in Pineville, LA. Strack spoke to them about staying positive and moving forward with life, and there is no doubt that he changed some lives with his words.

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