Country Music Singer Naomi Judd Named Featured Speaker at the TTU School of Nursing 35th Anniversary Gala

Country music singer and songwriter Naomi Judd spoke at this year’s TTU School of Nursing 35th Anniversary Gala that took place on Thursday, September 8th at the Overton Hotel and Conference Center in Lubbock, Texas. Judd herself served as a registered nurse at one point in her life, and through her everyday obstacles and hard work she has come to be known all across the country for her music. Judd shared many fun and personal stories from her life with the audience, and everyone there had a great time listening to what she had to say.

In 1991 Judd was diagnosed with the potentially fatal liver disease and she was told that she only had three years to live, causing her band to do a farewell concert on television that was the most successful ever pay per view event in the history of cable. After combating the illness, Judd and her daughters went back on tour and she also dabbled with some acting jobs such as being in the movie “A Holiday Romance” alongside Andy Griffith. Over the last 10 years or so, the Kentucky native has been involved in a very diverse variety of other entertainment projects and tours. The 69-year old entertainer was possibly one of the best choices for Berea College’s graduation ceremony this year, as there are few people out there who have overcome everything that she has in the last couple of years with all the fame and health issues. Judd is going to be a huge success without doubt, and the college is more than excited to have her there.

Judd was in Lubbock, Texas earlier this month speak at the TTU School of Nursing’s 35th Anniversary Gala at the Overton Hotel, and both she and all the attendees had a great time and enjoyed sharing their passion for nursing.

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